Why Life Changes When You Start Doing Yoga Every Day?

If you’re going through life changing yoga articles, you have hit the right time to make yoga your business. Well, yoga is a holistic and a life altering practice. And if you are apprehensive about it like most of the people do, let me clear the mist a little more. So most people who have had a stagnant lifestyle for too long, or have stagnated the routines of their life, realize that it was high time they changed the kinds of movements they make.

Someone has indeed gotten it right, that movement is life, as soon as one stops moving, they start dying. And this isn’t something that has to be realized, this realization comes almost inherently to every living being, which is why there is an array of movements that people make, as a reaction to every action that they go through. Movement is gestures; changing of spaces, speaking, anything that may convey that one may have a reaction to that situation or action.

When one realizes that their life has stagnated, in emotions, feelings, understanding, tone of the language, in the way they dance, or they sleep, or eat; they realize that it is high time that there was some kind of change incorporated in their ways. Movement or change is inevitable and necessary to things that are alive.

So many times when in a moment of crisis people tend to change movements. They do this by choosing to join the gym classes as I did or to join yoga sessions that are a holistic practice to one’s wellness (this was a game changer).

I had reached a certain time in my life, which almost felt like a mid-life crisis as we all know it, I realized that my body had started to get rigid, stiffer in so many ways. In so many places it ached like never before, and almost naturally I’d find myself stretching myself and doing it for as long as I could to feel relaxed and comfortable. I did not know that I was in fact entering into the world of yoga.

So I continued to stretch every day, the first thing I woke up in the morning. Then the stretches started gaining discipline, as I did more poses that felt like stretching was affecting many parts of my body and my mood in a positive way.

In about a week’s time, I had started taking yoga sessions off the internet and finally joined a yoga class after I decided that I wanted to dive into this world that made me feel more and more positive every day.

My lack of interest and energy was fading into a distant state of existence, and in a couple of weeks time, I looked forward to eagerly get that 1-hour yoga session, in which I felt that I truly had my life in my hands. And I’m sure this was some kind of magic everyone around me understood because now I was meeting so many people who were not sucking the life out of me, rather, making me feel encouraged, supported and energetic.

I thank yoga for the amazing effects it has had on me ever since. But I don’t mean to misguide you by saying that all the demons in my head were killed. Instead, there was a voice created in me, that was new and which was calm and it explained to me why I had these demons in me, what were the causes of these demons and the voice urged me to focus on all that was positive and calm the demons into a chilled state. Of course, the voice was my own, but I had never realized that it existed.

Of course, a gym class is much easier and you can sculpt the body however you please, but I never really did like things simple, because they did not convey the entirety of the knowledge after all. I learned to perform yoga and challenge my mind every day as the voice grew stronger and stronger. I knew I was growing stronger as a person.

So What is Yoga?

It is an age old practice devised by the ancient yogis of ancient India. These yogis believed that there was something to human life, that was beyond behavior, personality, understanding, and the lesser human existence. They believed that there were unexplained things that human existence was made of. Yoga was a practice that was devised to align the physical body with the mental state of being to reach to that spiritual state and to strengthen that state. Ever since the word has spread and yoga has arrived to the world at a time that the world needs it the most.

Rishikesh, India is the yoga hub of the world. There are so many Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh; and what is a better way to learn yoga but to experience it in the land of its origin?

But How does Yoga Change Your Life?

  1. The practice and value of yoga is what helps you learn the discipline needed to calm the mind and re-connect to yourself from the within.
  2. Meditation is the key to the calmness in your perspective. While the key to a good meditation is not to empty the mind and get rid of thoughts. But to realize that you can take all the time you need to see, understand and speculate your thoughts, so that it remains just in your mind, and does not affect your actions.
  3. This helps you remain in the center and view the world in the objective sense, without letting it affect you in every way. One has more control over the things that affect them.
  4. With yoga, you realize that the desired flexibility, strength and space was always within you and it was you who was restricting all of this from being used. You realize that you were eluding yourself to be satisfied with the weak body structure when you could make it the best version of yourself.
  5. The pain and the difficulties that one experience while getting into a yogic pose (asana), makes them realize that they cannot hold onto the pain for too long, they have to let go the pain mentally to make space and welcome comfort. This is how one realizes just how powerful the mind really is. It can make you feel pain and also give you the strength to release the pain and then make you feel comfortable.

These were just the main lessons that I learned after I choose to practice yoga. I realized my strengths and weaknesses and then how to see others around me. I learned how to receive people around me with much more love and respect that I generally had.

If you are apprehensive about the practice of yoga, well only you can give yourself this gift of learning and unshackle yourself from the bonds of the everyday dreads that you face. Yoga definitely changes life for the better and one may know only if they try. So don’t think twice before you start a new page of your life.

Author Bio:

Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas.