How to Reduces Stress by Practicing Meditation?

We may have seen people dressing up so well with a smile on their faces. Behind each smile, there lies a soft heart experiencing stress. Stress plays an important role in each one of our lives. A school-going child has a stress of scoring well in his/her exam. A teenager has a stress of breakups. A job going individual has work stress. A senior citizen has the stress of treating his/her sick partner. Stress is both positive and negative. It helps people keeping themselves alert. It may turn negative when there is too much pressure. It also acts as a barrier to happiness. Overcoming stress is very much challenging. The action of neurohormones like cortisol takes place when a person is in stress.

Types of Meditation

Having options is good so that we can find a better fit for us. We experiment with so many other things. Why not with meditation.

➢ Spirituality plays a part in meditation. The ancient Sanskrit writings called mantras. There are two types of chanting mantras. One type is where we sing out the mantras loud and the other type is silent chanting. There are classes and meditation or rehab centers in colorado that the people are in search of. The main motive of chanting mantras is to divert the mind from the outer disturbances and making it focus on the mantra itself. The mantras give out good vibrations in and around the body. Meditation involves breathing practice which helps in improving metabolism. The problems caused by stress in reproduction and digestion system can be regulated in the body by these mantras. It also produces positive hormones like serotonin which is called ‘happy chemical’, dopamine which is used in the signal transmission in the brain and endorphins which increases pleasure by reducing the pain. The chanting also deactivates the actions of the amygdala which causes irritation and stress.

➢ There is another type of meditation which is called transcendental mediation. The silent chanting of mantras is involved. Based on research, it is found that this helps in overcoming the work pressure and it acts as a working booster. The silence may increase the concentration power for individuals. There is also a myth when a person remains silent his needs are discovered. The silence tends to maintain mental balance and work productivity improves. The body becomes mentally stable on remaining silent for a period of time. The silent therapy also plays a role in reducing the stress-producing cortisol.

➢ Mindfulness being an unreligious process. This neither involves chanting mantras loud nor silent. This process involves the presence of mind and focusing on the random thoughts that come to mind. The mindfulness includes a focus on the present, acceptance without judging, an observation of feelings, and awareness on situations. This provides benefits like anaging the weight, improving the mood, coping up with the pain and also improves the functioning of the brain. The mindfulness involves slow-breathing, slow- eating, and self-scan of the body. This kind of meditation can help in the improvement of both physical and mental health.

Meditation has plenty of benefits. However, it has to be done properly. Below are some tips for silent meditation.

Sit for 3 Minutes in a Place that is Comfortable

Sitting in a straight position on a chair or floor is advisable. The position should remain straight for the uniform blood circulation. The mind should be kept free. The distractions are to be neglected. The post should not only be comfortable but correct too. This step is like a warm-up or preparation for meditation. This is for just getting into practice. The initial start of 3 minutes puts forth a start which increases the time day by day. You will become less responsive to the surroundings in this step. There is also a hidden benefit that helps in improving the posture of the spine.

Close Your Eyes Lightly

After getting into a comfortable position, look at things around you slowly. Focus on a distant object and then bring down your eyelids slowly to close your eyes. If you feel unease, close your eyes again after slowly gazing with partially opened eyes. This stage’s goal lies in relaxing the body completely. If you still feel discomfort, relax for a minute by taking a deep breath. This relaxes all your muscles.

Throw away Your Thoughts

You can just forget the thoughts bothering you all-time for a few minutes. This doesn’t mean to ignore or subdue the thoughts. It is just that you keep your mind free. If anything distracts you, try to bring them in with the breathing exercise. The concentration is very much important for the meditation practice which can be attained through not getting distracted by external disturbances. Basically, when you are silent, you are automatically free of stressful thoughts. It brings inner peace. If thoughts carry you, you need not be harsh on yourself. Just relax for a moment. It will bring you back.

Resume the Process

The meditation made into a regular activity may increase your stability. The mind may reach a destiny of peace. You may feel more relaxed than ever. Your problems seem to be solved or you will find a way or path to solving your problem. It may be a huge or small problem. Bad decisions are the cause of many problems. The meditation may stop you from making bad decisions in a way that when your mind is peaceful, you will be directed towards the right activities.

“Relax, Relate, Release” The phrase gives a compact definition of stress. For example, a staircase would be straight if the first step was built correctly. The first step for overcoming stress or to receive opioid withdrawal treatment is to relax. Relaxation is possible only when we meditate. So the initial and crucial step to kick off stress is to meditate. Meditation gives you benefits other than relaxation too. The next step is to analyze the problem which makes you stressed and then solving the issue. To wrap up, the past is unchangeable, the present is unbelievable and the future is uncertain. We don’t know how long we are going to be alive. So live the present to the fullest. Never stress and make life miserable.