What is Obsessive Love Disorder? Causes and Treatment

Everyone wants to feel love once in his/her life. No relationship can survive without love. But when love becomes an obsession, it can invite troubles. Obsessive love disorder is the feeling of an obsession for one person. It is the condition in which you feel to gain control over the opposite person.

In simple words, this condition can be stated as a mental illness. Many people experience this disorder but do not have an idea of how to deal with obsessive love. However, they can recover from this mental illness after talking to their family and friends.

What does Obsessive Love Mean?

Obsessive love means that you get attracted to one person or might start loving him/her. It is the condition that increases your urge to remain close to that special person every time.

Obsessive Love Disorder

Obsession for any person or thing can leave a bad impact on our minds. Obsessive Love Disorder is the extreme liking for a person that goes beyond a limit. Some people with OLD cannot control their feelings and emotions for other people. It can become a mental illness in the long run. 

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Obsessive Love Disorder?

  • Thinking about the person all the time that you love
  • A feeling of possession and endless attraction towards one person
  • The feeling of protection for that person
  • Losing confidence in seeing that person
  • Inability to speak before the person you love very much
  • Inability to focus on work and studies
  • Jealousy when that person talks to other people
  • Checking every activity of the person
  • Constant calls, text messages and finding some ways to connect with the person they love
  • Failing to make new friends or mix with new people in society
  • Need for the person they love

Causes of Obsessive Love Disorder

Any person can get this disorder at any age. While some can deal with this problem easily, some cannot know what causes obsessive love disorder and how to overcome it. Well, many reasons can cause obsessive love disorder in a person like:

Low Self-esteem

Low confidence is one of the major causes of Obsessive Love disorder. Many people might have gone through many unfair treatments in the past. These bad treatments from parents, friends, or society can make the person uncomfortable to mix with strangers. 

Obsessive Thoughts

Obsessive and possessive thoughts can also cause Obsessive Love Disorder. Constant thoughts of possessiveness can also become a cause of OLD. 


The delusional feeling is another cause of OLD. Delusions can cause people to believe that another person has feelings as he/she has. 

Diagnosis of Obsessive Love Disorder  

If you experience some of the above symptoms, you can visit a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will ask you several questions about your disorder, symptoms, and relationships. Further, they ask about your family history and other illnesses that any of the family members have. An obsessive love disorder test is also done with the help of a medical checkup.

Treatment for Obsessive Love Disorder

The best OLD treatment is psychotherapy and medication. Your doctor may suggest antidepressants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers to treat this disorder. Besides that, the doctors also suggest different types of therapies such as play therapy, talk therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Yoga & Meditation 

Yoga can help to overcome the problem of Obsessive Love Disorder. It will first target the causes of this problem and then solve it with asanas and Pranayama. Besides, the daily practice of yoga can remove stress and anxiety as well. 

You can also meditate for a few minutes daily to cure OLD. Yoga methods can help to eliminate negative and obsessive thoughts. Furthermore, people in western countries consider Yoga methods as a good remedy for curing OLD. 

Final Thoughts

It is necessary to share your feelings with the person that you love the most. But it does not mean that you have to be obsessive or possessive for that person. People with obsessive love disorder can make you unhappy most of the time. You can still overcome this problem by taking the psychiatrist’s guidance and recommendations. 

Additionally, you can do the things that you love and mix in a positive atmosphere. Family support can also play a major role in helping you to get rid of this mental illness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Obsessive Love Healthy?

No, it is not good for health. Love is the best feeling but not obsession. It is alright to love a person with a full heart but it is dangerous when the love turns into jealousy and possession. Obsessive love can often leave you sad and depressed at the end.  

Is Being Obsessed with Someone a Mental Illness?

Yes, Obsessive love disorder is the type of mental illness. Having the attraction for a person is a normal sign and you must see to it that it does not convert into possession.

Being Obsessed With Someone is a Disorder?

Yes, it is called obsessive-compulsive disorder when you develop the feeling of an obsession for one person. This kind of feeling does not give positive results in any relationship. On the contrary, it gives you anxiety and depression.

Can You be Obsessed and in Love?

No, love is not an obsession. Love is developing a strong liking for a person and respect his privacy, work, and other references. The person who loves truly never becomes jealous when the opposite person talks with other people.

Obsession is when you want constant attention from the person you love. It is the type of disorder when you feel jealous even with the minor interactions and connections of the person.

Obsessive ideas can ruin healthy relationships. They can give birth to fear, insecurity, and breakups. 

What is an Obsessive Relationship?

Obsessive love can destroy relationships completely. This type of attachment will make you dominate other people. The feelings of jealousy, stress, continuous attention, and demotivation can relate to the obsessive attachment. 

Individuals with Obsessive Love Disorder are more Likely to Develop Feelings Towards Whom?

The people with Obsessive love disorder can develop feelings for anyone. Most of the people with this disorder develop feelings for their friends, wives, and girlfriends. However, some people may even love their seniors in the office or college.

You can gain an obsession with any person in the world. He/she can be your boss, neighbor, the guy in the school, or college. Some people with obsessive love disorder can also develop feelings for parents, siblings, and cousins. These feelings emerge particularly for the people who are near and close.