Boost Your Self-Esteem and Start Living Like a Champion

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
Maria Robinson

Do you have a feeling that nobody loves you or care whether you’re dead or alive?

Can’t face yourself in the mirror because you think that you’re the ugliest person in the universe?

Speaking in public places gives you sweat?

Can’t approach the girl you love because you feel that she will reject you?

Feel like a piece of trash, a loser?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, you have a serious disorder. It’s a disease that’s slowly harming not only your body but your soul as well. You’re suffering from low self-esteem.

But you’re not alone. Millions of people out there have low self-esteem and lack of confidence. That’s why they fail to achieve their dreams and spend whole life sulking and getting frustrated.

Thankfully it is curable. There are a couple of tips that can boost your self-esteem and bring your life back on track. You just need to implement them into your daily routine. Just to help you out, I am mentioning them all below. So, have a look at:

5 Tried &Tested Tips that Give Your Self-Esteem a Boost

Accept Yourself Just the Way You’re

The very first step to uplifting self-esteem is to accept the fact that we’re not perfect. In fact, nobody is. We all are humans and have flaws. We make mistakes, learn from them, then make more mistakes, and again learn from them. This is how we live our life.

Once we’ve accepted ourselves just the way we are, we will stop feeling under-confident and life will be a lot easier.

Know Your Speciality and Conquer it

GOD has granted us all with a special gift:

Some of us have good looks, while some have an irresistible charm.

Some of us are good in studies, while some are really brilliant sportsmen.

Some of us have a melodious voice, while some of us can tell really great stories.

Each of us is best in something. You just need to identify what’s your specialty and conquer it.

Don’t be too Desperate for Praise

Some of us are hungry for praise.

If someone is beautiful, we will expect people to say it again and again.

Someone clicks good photographs, we will expect people to say: “Wow! You’re an awesome photographer.”

Someone is a great singer, our expectation will be to hear that they’re going to be the next Elvis Presley someday.

For this, we’re ready to go up to any extent. We brag among friends, promote ourselves online to get compliments and when we don’t get them, we feel frustrated and our self-esteem takes a downfall.

I am not saying promoting your work is bad. However, expecting that people will praise it every time and being too desperate for it is also wrong.

If you truly deserve appreciation for your work, you’ll get it at the right time.

Deal with Negative Thinking

Negative thinking often results in low self-esteem and underconfidence. How can expect everything to go great when you don’t believe in your abilities and assume that you’ll not make it?

So, deal with negative thoughts first. For this, you can go for recreational processes like exercise, yoga, and the most important start meditation at home.

Read Literature that Inspires You

There is a popular saying:
Knowledge is Power.

The more knowledge you’ll acquire, the more powerful you’ll feel, and more will be your self-confidence boosted. Having said that, reading can be an excellent way for curing low self-esteem.

So, invest some of your valuable time for reading good books as well.


There is no medicine that can boost your confidence. There are only some practices that can give you good results if implemented properly. So, give these tips a try. Who knows they’ll change your life for the better.


Amit Sharma is a Yoga Teacher with a Master's degree in Yoga Therapy from the S-VYASA University. With seven years of teaching experience, Amit is dedicated to helping individuals achieve physical and mental well-being through the practice of yoga.

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