Varun Mudra – Steps Benefits and Side Effects

Varun Mudra is a form of yoga that is considered to be a very effective healing practice. It is generally done to stabilize the water content in the body.

What is Varun Mudra

The word Varun means β€˜Water’ and the words Varun Mudra symbolize the β€˜Seal of mental clarity’. It is considered to help activate the saliva glands. Also, it is a very simple gesture, which helps to cure several internal as well as external conditions.

People who practice yoga regularly, Varun mudra tops the favorite list of yoga for them. Also, for people who crave for having a clean and healthy lifestyle, Varun Mudra is the best form of mudra for them. This mudra is considered to be a powerful mudra that can help in healing various ailments such as skin issues, hair loss issues, toothache, etc…

How to do Varun Mudra

The process of doing Varun mudra is extremely simple and easy. The Mudra involves the person to touch the little finger and the thumb while extending all the three middle fingers in a very gentle manner.

The best part of the Mudra is that it can be done in any and every position. However, the best results are achieved when It is done with crossed legs as in this position the breathing is done properly.

Step to Perform Varun Mudra

  1. The person should sit in a yoga position. Once done, he or she should touch the tip of the little finger with the thumb. This leads to the formation of a perfect circle with the help of fingers and thumb.
  2. Next is to gently press the tips of both the thumb and the little finger.
  3. The other three fingers during this time should be kept straight.
  4. Hold this mudra for at least a minute. Place the hands on the knees while keeping your palm facing upwards.
  5. During the process of Mudra, make sure that you keep your eyes closed and indulge in the process of meditation.

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The Best Time to Practice Varun Mudra

It is one of those rare mudras which does not have any specific time limit or duration. This mudra can be done for a little or a very long period, depending on the preferences of the person doing the mudra. Below are some points you can consider:

  1. Ideally, the perfect time to practice any mudra is early in the morning.
  2. Varun mudra should never be practiced right after or before the meals. At least a gap of 30 – 40 minutes should be there before and after the meal.
  3. This is one of the rare mudras which can be practiced for 2 – 3 times a day for 15 – 20 minutes each or 40 – 45 minutes a day in a single sitting.

Key Specifications of Varun Mudra

  1. This Mudra can be done any and everywhere. No specific equipment or yoga mat is required means no particular set up is required for this mudra.
  2. The one doing this mudra should try and balance meditation along with it.
  3. People who wear glasses should only start the mudra after taking out the glasses as it can create an obstacle which doing the mudra.
  4. Try keeping all the hands or legs free from any sort of accessories to avoid disturbance.
  5. It is specifically known for cleansing the mind. Hence, while carrying out this mudra you should free your mind from any kind of thought.

Varun Mudra Benefits

The mudra offers several benefits to the human body such as:

  1. It helps to cleanse the kidney of the human body.
  2. The mudra is beneficial to boost the process of urination in the human body.
  3. It helps to control cholesterol, especially in old people.
  4. The Mudra is known to help people have clear skin by removing the problem of acne, scars, and wrinkles.
  5. It allows the body to be moisturized throughout.
  6. Varun Mudra as the name suggests helps to keep the water content of the body stable and balanced.
  7. Fluid Circulation is very important in the human body and Varun mudra helps to carry on the circulation of fluid in an efficient manner.

Varun Mudra for Hair

It is a very common mudra known to be super beneficial for human hair. Since ages, the mudra is known to increase the elements of Earth which helps in increasing and enhancing the overall quality of hair. If done regularly, this mudra helps in making the hair grow long faster and makes them very thick. If anyone is facing the problem of hair loss, then this Mudra is the best thing one can practice daily.

Varun Mudra for Skin

The skin problem is omnipresent and present at every stage of life. Teenagers face the problem of acne and pimples, growing persons face the problem of pigmentation and dull skin. Varun mudra for pimples, Varun mudra for acne or Varun Mundra for glowing skin, it applies to every skin related issue. This Mudra helps in balancing the 5 important elements in our body which help in increasing the power and strength. This overall helps in producing better and healthier skin.

Varun Mudra for Toothache

The mudra is like an acupressure exercise which can be beneficial to reduce the severe toothache. The little finger in the mudra represents water. Hence, while touching the tip of the thumb with the tip of the little finger, the water content in the body increases and brings down the fire content in the body.

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Varun Mudra Side Effects

This Mudra is one of those mudras which hardly has any side effects. However, if not done properly in the correct posture then there can be a few side effects. If the person is a Pitta or Kapha Prakriti person, then he or she should not indulge in doing the mudra for long hours.

Hence, overall it can be said that Varun Mudra is a very beneficial mudra and each of us should practice is regularly.

Namastey πŸ™

Varun Mudra - Steps Benefits and Side Effects
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Varun Mudra - Steps Benefits and Side Effects
Varun Mudra is a form of yoga which is considered to be a very effective healing practice. It is generally done to stabilize the water content in the body.
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