Prithvi Mudra Guide – Steps Benefits and Side Effects

Prithvi Mudra is considered to be a fine gesture of hands which is very often used in the practice of spiritual yoga. This gesture is done to heal and provide balance in the body. Prithvi is a Sanskrit term which means “the vast one”. Also, Prithvi is the other name of Earth. Mudra means “gesture or mark”. Prithvi Mudra is considered to be a very effective mudra as it increases the element of Earth in the individual’s soul and body which in return helps in giving an immense amount of strength to the human body both physically and mentally. This mudra is considered to be one of the most powerful mudras that can heal several ailments such as weight loss, various skin issues, osteoporosis, paralysis etc…

In case if someone practices Prithvi Mudra to strengthen the spiritual part, the mudra is widely used to influence the root chakra which helps the individual’s security and rootedness.

Steps to do Prithvi Mudra

The Mudra is extremely simple. In this, the person performing the mudra needs to press the tips of the ring fingers to the tips of the thumb on both the hands. The other fingers are supposed to be kept straight. In Prithvi Mudra, one is supposed to concentrate more on breathing.

Generally, Prithvi Mudra is recommended to be done for a minimum of 40 minutes a day.

Ideally, Prithvi Mudra should be:

  1. Done during the time frame of 12:00 AM – 3:00 AM as this duration is known as the sleeping state.
  2. The best place to carry out the mudra is the place where an individual sits or sleeps. No special place or set up is required for the mudra.
  3. It is advised to perform Prithvi mudra using both the hands do get a better grip.
  4. Individuals who wear glasses should only start the mudra after actually taking out the glasses as it can create an obstacle which doing the mudra.
  5. The hands and legs should be free from all the jewels as it creates issues.
  6. While doing the mudra, one should clear all the thoughts in their mind and focus.

Functional Factors in Mudra

Here are the following factors in mudra:

  1. Belief: It is important to have a belief. Belief is considered to be a therapy that can be used with any therapy side by side.
  2. Meditation (Dhyana): The meditation will increase the efficiency of Mudras.
  3. Body: The mudra keeps the body very calm and relaxed.
  4. Mind: Before trying the Prithvi Mudra, one is supposed to take a few breaths deeply, the breathing rhymes with the mind.

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Benefits of Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi Mudra offers several benefits to the human body such as:

  1. If an individual regularly practices this mudra, then he or she can help to improve the strength of the body.
  2. The mudra helps to keep the body stable.
  3. Prithvi Mudra helps to improve the self-confidence of the individual.
  4. The regularity of the mudra helps in making the body and soul more sound.
  5. The mudra is very popularly known for improving the growth of hair and weight.
  6. The mudra helps to keep the body very healthy by removing the toxins from the body.
  7. The individual helps in getting rid of complexities such as confusion, fickle, mindedness etc…

Prithvi Mudra for Hair

The mudra since ages has been to enhance the hair quality of the individual. This is because the mudra increases the element of Earth and reduces the element of fire in the body. This, in turn, benefits the quality of hair by strengthening them and making them thick and shiny. The best part is that mudra can be practiced at any time of the day and in any place. Not many resources are needed for the mudra.

Prithvi Mudra for Skin

While growing up, the skin tends to become lose and forms pigmentation. Having flawless skin is the dream of many. Prithvi Mudra is considered to be one of the best yoga mudras which help to balance the 5 elements which exist in the human body. The Prithvi element is an important component of the tissues inside the body and organs internally. This element increases endurance, strength, and power. All this together helps in giving a better product of the skin. The element Prithvi makes the skin-tight, charming, and glowing in the long run.

Prithvi Mudra Helps in Weight Loss

One of the core functions of Prithvi mudra is to increase the content of vitality and decrease the inertia content in the body. One of the very effective ways through which It can be done is by rapidly increasing metabolism which plays a huge role in controlling the weight. Higher the metabolism, higher will be the loss in weight. On the other hand, the lower the metabolism, the lesser will be the loss of weight. Moreover, Prithvi mudra also helps in keeping a strong check on the digestion and reduces cholesterol.

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Side Effects of Prithvi Mudra

Although Prithvi mudra is considered to be a very effective yoga mudra which offers several benefits to the body if done in a wrong way, the mudra does have a few side effects to offer. The individual performing the mudra should not perform it while either walking or standing as the feet tends to generate electricity in the body which flows into the ground and eventually gets wasted. Hence, it is advised to keep the feet always on the mat and wear slippers while performing.

Prithvi Mudra - Steps Benefits and Side Effects
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Prithvi Mudra - Steps Benefits and Side Effects
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