Ashwini Mudra Steps Benefits and Everything

Ashwini Mudra

Ashwini mudra is a beginner yoga technique that involves contracting the particular musculus, rhythmically to direct prana (life force energy). The name of Ashwini Mudra comes from the Sanskrit word, ‘Ashwa’ (अश्व) meaning ‘horse’ and mudra which means ‘gesture’ or ‘sign’. It is called the ‘horse pose’ because it is believed that Horses rhythmically do this regularly. Ashwini Mudra exercise is not exactly an asana, as it performs in the Lotus pose which is called Padmasana. Ashwini Mudra simply told a rhythmic contraction of the anal sphincter muscle, the sphincter muscle is the ring like muscles surroundings the anus. The energy can be put into the Manipur with the help of this powerful technique. The whole region of the pelvis along with perineum of the body, buttock muscles and sphincter must be contracted and relaxed in this asana.

Steps of Ashwini Mudra

Two methods can be followed to practice this mudra. Namely Version 1 and Version 2:

Ashwini Mudra Steps (Version 1)

The position of doing this version of Ashwini Mudra

  • Close the eyes and relax your whole body.
  • Become aware of the natural breathing process for a few minutes.
  • Contract with the sphincter muscle of the anus, for a few seconds without straining, and relax the whole body.
  • Try to confine the action to the anal area.
  • Repeat the process for long as possible.
  • The contraction and relaxation process should be performed smoothly and rhythmically.
  • Gradually make the contraction more rapid.

Ashwini Mudra Yoga Steps (Version 2)

The position of sitting for doing this asana, try to sit on a towel that is rolled or on the heels, so the Muladhara Chakra felts all the pressure. The steps for doing this version of Ashwini mudra are;

  • Fill the one-third of the total capacity of the lungs by inhaling.
  • Contract and relax your anus twice per second and it must be done for 15 times approximately.
  • Now breathe out slowly.
  • Again fill the one-third of the total capacity of the lungs by inhaling.
  • Contract and relax for 15 times more approximately.
  • Now breathe out.
  • Again fill the one-third of the total capacity of the lungs for last time by inhaling.
  • Contract and relax for the last 15 times approximately.
  • Do not breathe out and press the chin with the chest by pulling the shoulders forward. The heat will be felt.
  • Now breathe out through the nose and release the tension. The energy will be felt in the entire body.

Points to Keep in Mind While Doing Ashwini Mudra

  • To begin with, one has to keep in mind about maintaining a correct posture while doing this mudra. Sit in the right position to channelize all your energies and meditate to align the 7 chakras of your body.
  • Once you have attained your posture relaxing the body and breathe normally to facilitate the easy flow of blood.
  • Do not perform this mudra in the hustle. Be calm and compose while performing it.

Benefits of Ashwini Mudra

There are several benefits of performing the Ashwini Mudra Yoga. Check out some of them:

Ashwini Mudra for Piles

Yoga is known for its health benefits and yoga becomes more popular these days and offers a vast range of benefits for the human being. Ashwini Mudra is known for the best yoga mudra for piles. By doing this yoga mudra for only 5 to 10 minute in a day for a week, one can completely cure piles. This yoga mudra is an ancient way of treating piles by physical movements. It helps to improve the circulation of blood and increase the power and strength of pads of the anal region. In most of the cases, piles recurred after surgery to its not advisable to go for the operation. It is better to look and find other options to cure piles then regret after surgery.

If you would try Ashwini Mudra, you will see magical results, it is very easy to do and anywhere you can do. It is one of the most effective treatments for piles.

Ashwini Mudra for Fissure

A fissure is one of the worst diseases, an anal fissure is a tear in the delicate tissue that lines your anal canal. These tears usually cause bleeding and severe pain. The main cause of having these diseases is low digestion. Ashwini Mudra is also very effective for the treatment of fissure.

Some other Benefits of Ashwini Mudra

Apart from above-given benefits, there are some other amazing advantages that you can enjoy after adding up Ashwini Mudra in your routine.

  • This mudra has particularly good effects on the empty spaces in the stomach.
  • It has also a good effect on Uterus in women.
  • It is very useful in rectum and anus diseases.
  • Helps with Digestion
  • It gives you a sense of calm and understanding.
  • Prevents premature death and makes you healthier.
  • Help get rid of constipation.
  • It helps conserve the prone which generally escape through the anus.
  • Awaken the Kundalini Shakti which is generally dormant.

So these are some benefits of practicing Ashwini Mudra. You should practice this Mudra and get these benefits.

Side effects of Ashwini Mudra

Most of the people said that with the continuous practicing of Ashwini mudra that constantly falling sick and their body generates too much heat. And most of the people said that Ashwini Mudra causing Vomiting and pain in their stomach and because of dehydration the body of these peoples also feels viral fever And for a pregnant lady it also causes lots of problems.

So not everyone feels these problems but this Mudra is not suitable;e for every person.

Precautions of Ashwini Mudra

No special precautions should be needed while practicing Ashwini Mudra. There are few precautions needs while doing this is, if you have any abdominal surgery, or if you have high blood pressure, glaucoma or pain in the wrist and elbow then you should avoid this Mudra. Doctors strongly recommend you to avoid this asana during pregnancy and if you doing this during pregnancy then you face lots of problems, and it can prove very harmful for you.


In conclusion, there are lots of benefits, side effects of doing Ashwini Mudra, and you should need some precautions while doing this mudra it also helps in various medical problems such as Piles, etc. So, if you practicing the Ashwini mudra then you will get the best result related to your health and prevents many problems.



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