Why You Need to Switch to Green Coffee

Don’t you just love a refreshing cup of cappuccino or black coffee in the morning? We’re all used to that pick-me-up-drink, which gives that instant energy boost no matter how tired we woke up. But do you know everything about coffee there is to know? The tea-drinking world has been turned around by the Green variant. And then there’s Green Coffee!

What is Green Coffee Exactly?

The coffee fruit seeds when unprocessed and unroasted are what we call green coffee beans. Green coffee benefits are associated with its high chlorogenic acid content, which decreases in the roasting process. Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant that helps control high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Just like green tea, the benefits of green coffee include weight loss.

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5 Major Benefits of Green Coffee

Here we will discuss some major health benefits of green coffee:

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight loss is still a matter of discussion among biologists when it comes to green coffee benefits and uses. Green coffee bean extract (GCBE) may prevent the accumulation of body fat, which reduces the risk of obesity. A study suggests that GCBE might significantly lower weight gain among those on a high-fat diet.

Green coffee beans (pure) are exceptionally helpful in burning fat; green coffee consumption increases the release of fat-burning enzymes in the body. Moreover, it is known to detoxify the liver and reduce LDL cholesterol along with extra fats that affect metabolism.

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Improved Blood Circulation

Improved Blood Circulation

Green coffee has a great deal of effect on blood, which is responsible for several critical functions. Primarily, it removes gases and toxins from the cells; blockages or obstructed blood flow leads to lethargy and fatigue. Sluggish blood flow slows down the metabolism, which reduces the rate at which body fat is burned. A cup of green coffee burns calories and body fat in addition to providing energy.

Studies suggest that the ingestion of green coffee extract reduces blood pressure. Chlorogenic acid found in green coffee obstructs active cortisol formation, which is known to increase blood pressure. It also improves the elasticity of the arteries, which results in lower blood pressure levels.

Improved Mood & Focus

Improved Mood and Focus

Green coffee beans do contain caffeine, which may improve mental health. The benefits of green coffee include improved mood, attention, alertness, and memory. However, the benefits of green coffee might not equal that of regular coffee.

Everyone’s metabolism reacts differently to caffeine. If you’re not a coffee drinker, you might want to consume small quantities or consult a doctor before using coffee beans extract. Some research suggests that green coffee bean extract has positive effects on the neurological system, which might be helpful to Alzheimer’s patients.

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Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases

Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases

Green coffee benefits extend beyond weight less; the chlorogenic acids content in green coffee might help prevent diabetes and heart disease. In an 8-week long study, 50 metabolic syndrome patients took green coffee bean extract (decaffeinated) twice a day. The patients at risk of high blood pressure and blood sugar – primary causes of heart disease experienced significant improvements. Their blood pressure, fasting blood sugar, and even waist circumference had reduced.

Controlled Appetite

Controlled Appetite

Sipping green coffee may help you avoid giving in to sudden hunger pangs and unnecessary binging. Chlorogenic acids are natural appetite suppressants that can help you control cravings and cut down on daily calorie intake. Regular green coffee consumption is also associated with impaired fat and carb absorption.

Green coffee decreases the absorption of sugar in your small intestines. As a result, less sugar is stored as fat and more calories are burned.

Best Time to Have Green Coffee

You can get green coffee benefits by having it right after your meals. The blood sugar levels spike up after eating due to the proteins and carbohydrates. The excess sugar is stored as fat in the body, which can be reduced by drinking green coffee right after meals. Plus, it gives your energy levels a boost.

Possible Side Effects of Green Coffee

  • Drinking too much green coffee, which contains caffeine, can cause anxiety, sleep problems, and high blood pressure in certain individuals. Whether regular or green, coffee should always be consumed in moderate amounts.
  • Multiple daily doses of green coffee might lead to calcium depletion in the bone tissue according to an animal study. These are long-term consumption effects.
  • Excessive consumption of green coffee can increase the level of chlorogenic acid in the body, which is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.


Pushkar Garg is a blogger who specializes in research. He writes health & wellness pieces for fitness-based brand FITPASS. He likes to share information in a manner that makes sense to the everyday reader. Pushkar is a football fanatic and swears by the benefits of exercising and eating healthy to stay fit. He graduated in Political Science (Honors) and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Film & TV Studies from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Why You Need to Switch to Green Coffee
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Why You Need to Switch to Green Coffee
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