Khechari Mudra: Steps Benefits & Everything

According to ancient Indian traditions and religious texts, there are different yoga mudras that can heal as well as strengthen the human body.

The ancient rishis believed that the human body consists of 5 major elements – Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Bhumi (Earth), Jala (Water), and Akasha (Sky). Disturbances to these elements can result in severe health issues.

Yoga mudras help in achieving a body and soul, which is healthy and calm. There is a lot of yoga mudras that have been inspiring yoga gurus since time immemorial. One such yoga mudra is Khechari Mudra. It is said to be the king of all mudras.

What is Khechari Mudra?

It is an advanced form of yoga practice that helps the yogi to reach a higher state of consciousness. Khechari Mudra is a type of hatha yoga. It is done by curling the tip of the tongue back into the mouth until it touches the soft palate above and then the nasal cavity as well. Because of this daily tongue stretching, it becomes long enough to reach the nasal cavity.

A beginner can only touch the soft palate with the tip of the tongue. With months and years of practice, he can be able to stretch his tongue according to his wish. But of course, this requires regular and prolonged practice. Khechari mudra finds a place in religious texts like Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, and several other tantric as well as yogic texts.

How to do Khechari Mudra?

Khechari Mudra is done by rolling the tongue back so that it can touch the soft spot on the roof of the mouth. By practicing regularly and for months and years, one can touch his tongue to the uvula and even enter his tongue into the nasal cavity.

Khechari Mudra Steps

  • One needs to sit in a comfortable position first of all. For this purpose, one can use a chair or blanket. A yoga mat will be the best option.
  • Then he has to close his eyes and roll his tongue back and up, towards the soft spot in the middle of the upper part of the mouth.
  • After doing this, he needs to gently apply pressure on this point, with the tip of his tongue. One can stay in this position as long as he feels comfortable.
  • Once the tongue starts paining, he should bring it back to the original position. After a pause, repeat the same process. With regular and prolonged practice, he will be able to hold the tongue on the palate for a longer duration.
  • Further practice will enable the practitioner to touch his tongue to the uvula and further back.
  • The final stage is when the tongue enters the nasal cavity. The breathing rate will be as low as 5-8 breaths per minute.
  • Once the practitioner is able to enter his tongue in the nasal cavity, he can stimulate specific nerves that have a connection with the brain.

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Khechari Mudra Benefits

Khechari mudra has several benefits. Let’s have a look:

  • It helps in relaxation of the mind when done along with breathing exercises.
  • It is helpful in spiritual growth.
  • It improves the quality of one’s voice.
  • It helps in achieving a positive mindset by pressing the targeted meridian point.
  • It helps in controlling anger.
  • It provides contentment.
  • It makes the practitioner an emotionally healthy person.
  • It magnifies and enhances the effects of meditation.
  • It improves intuition power.
  • It helps in healing the chakras.
  • It helps in awakening the Kundalini Force.
  • It helps in releasing nectar or amrita, from the upper cavity. This, in turn, helps the yogis to achieve immense energy, wellbeing, a long life and so on.
  • It enables true practitioners to stay active without water and food for a long period of time.

Khechari Mudra Powers

In ancient texts, Khechari Mudra is mentioned as that yoga mudra which has the capacity to provide incredible powers to the yogi. Let’s have a look at all those unbelievable powers:

  • Immunity to all types of diseases.
  • Complete protection against snake bites.
  • Complete stoppage of the aging process.
  • Achieving the stage of awakening or enlightenment or nirvana.
  • No need to have food or drink water for survival
  • Immortality or the power to defy death

Khechari Mudra Side Effects

This yoga mudra is exceptionally beneficial for those who can perform it perfectly. This mudra has lots of advantages. But there is no side effect in performing Khechari Mudra. All one needs to do is to be cautious while performing Khechari Mudra.

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Khechari Mudra Precautions

Although Khechari Mudra is said to be the king of all mudras. Experts also suggest using precautious while performing this yoga mudra. It is essential to practice this mudra slowly. One should not go too fast for achieving quick results. Haste can result in the complete destruction of the tongue. It may also result in some kind of adverse effects. Also, one should practice this mudra under the guidance of a yoga teacher who is an expert in Khechari Mudra.

One must try this yoga mudra as there are multiple advantages associated with Khechari Mudra. It is truly the king of all other yoga mudras. The vast number of advantages it offers to the practitioner makes it really worth trying.

Khechari Mudra Guide: Steps Benefits & Everything
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Khechari Mudra Guide: Steps Benefits & Everything
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