Shankh Mudra Steps and Health Benefits

The word ‘Shankh Mudra’ is a Sanskrit word that means conch shell position. As we all heard the sound of ‘Shankh’ in temples, how peaceful it is? Conch shells are proven to be clearing “negative elements” from our surroundings and let the positive energy flow inside our body by making the environment ideal for Prana.

Practicing Shankh mudra especially in morning purifies the respiratory system and also expands the peaceful feeling and positivity. Shankh Mudra also performs at the starting of mediation to clear and purify your inner energy.

Did you ever realize that your hands hold an intrinsic recuperating power that has been utilized for quite a long time for mending different illnesses? By regular practice of Hasta Mudras, our mind becomes concentrated & stable and we start to feel fit & healthy. We become stronger from the inside. In all the hasta mudra, ’SHANKH MUDRA’ is very important to keep a positive effect on your respiratory system and helps to calm your entire body.

Shank Mudra is also popular as the Conch shell mudra because at the time of practicing this mudra your hand takes the shape of a conch shell. This mudra has a lot of positive effects on the respiratory system and also helps to stabilize your mind by stimulating the secretion of the glands in our body. It helps you to find out the inner voice of your soul or to cure any ailment of the throat, thus Shankh Mudra is related to 5th chakra i.e. your throat chakra. It gives a quality to your speech by restoring the pitch and resonance. It also balances the thyroxin secretion from the thyroid gland.

This mudra can be practiced as regularly and as long as the practitioner wants until his ideal outcomes are accomplished.

Steps to Perform Shank Mudra

After we all have comprehended the significance of the Shankh Mudra. Let us discuss the steps of practicing Shankh Mudra.

According to Hindu mythology our hands hold the 5 essential elements (Agni, Vayu, Akasha, Prithvi, and Jala) of life. The ancient belief these five elements make direct effect on the human body. It is proven that imbalance in any element makes you ill. When thumb symbolizes fire, is encircled by the fingers of others hand on the other side thumb is joined with the index finger, this step of Shankh Mudra enhances the air element in the body. So shankh mudra reduces the “Pita Humor” in our body. Due to exert pressure on cushion of thumb by the fingers of the other hand the glands around neck and navel (nabhi) get stimulated.

Let’s do the Steps of Practice Shankh Mudra

  • Sit comfortably in Vajrasana on yoga matt where full ventilation around you.
  • Straighten your back but relaxed spine.
  • Place the thumb of your left hand on the palm of the right hand and encircle it with the fingers of the right hand.
  • Now place your left-hand fingers on the back of your right palm.
  • Touch your right-hand thumb with the extended middle finger of your hand. By doing this Agni element coincides with other elements of hands fingers.
  • The two hands together look like a Shankh or conch shell that’s why this mudra is called Shankh mudra.
  • The opening or gap at the top where the thumb and fingers are joined look like as mouth of a shankh (Conch Shell).
  • Now hold the mudra close to your mid part of the chest and try to concentrate on the rhythm of your respiration.
  • Keep up the mudra for the length of your contemplation – this may be anyplace from a couple of minutes to about 60 minutes. Stay in the mudra for the duration of the time you are sitting calmly.
  • You can repeat the same position to make Shankh mudra with the fingers of left hand folded over your right thumb.


Try not to crumble the fingers of your left hand; enable them to remain normally reached out, against the backs of your right-hand fingers and parallel to the middle finger.


By practicing Shankh mudra regularly for 30 to 50 minutes either at a time or in parts like 10-20 minutes three times a day. You maybe perform this mudra for a longer period if you are suffering from symptoms like fever, allergy, stress, and asthma etc…


This mudra cannot practice longer in the people who are suffering from the “Vata and Kapha” dosha because this mudra increases both of these elements in the body. Never do this mudra after taking your dinners. There is also a limitation of Shankh mudra. A person who is suffered from the Vata with Kapha should perform this mudra more patiently.

Health Benefits of Shankh Mudra

  • This mudra is very helpful for improving stammering in children.
  • It is useful in voice and throat problems like sore throat.
  • Shankh mudra is related to throat chakra along with the nabhi chakra so this mudra makes our nervous system strong.
  • This mudra is especially beneficial for people who love and practicing singing.
  • This mudra helps to better functioning of the vocal cord and gives quality to your speech and voice by restoring the pitch and resonance.
  • It is also helpful to overcome nervousness and anxiety.
  • This mudra also drives away allergic disorder especially skin rashes and reduces the pita humor in the body.
  • Regular practice of this mudra helps you to increase appetite.
  • It is effective for skin allergies and rashes.
  • It also helps to heal feverish or burning feeling.
  • Shankh mudra also regulates obesity and flabbiness in the body.
  • It also proved effective in improving the functioning of the heart.

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Shankh Mudra for Thyroid

Shankh Mudra along these lines helps those with discourse and throat infirmities. Shankh mudra helps by making a sound as if to speak. It alleviates stammering. It gives a quality to your discourse by reestablishing your pitch and reverberation. It also balances the Thyroxin hormone secretion from the Thyroid gland in our neck. However, the use of Shankh Mudra ought to be restricted to 10-15 minutes as when required.

Shankh Mudra for Height

Shankh mudra is very useful for those who want to increase their height. Practicing this mudra helps you to activate the thyroid gland which further works with growth hormone and helps us to increase the height of your body.

Shankh Mudra Steps and Health Benefits
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Shankh Mudra Steps and Health Benefits
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