Kubera Mudra Steps Benefits and Everything

Kubera Mudra

Nowadays, life has become so hectic. Every second person is just running in the race. But due to this hectic schedule, mental stress also gets enhanced. In order to live a healthy life, it is necessary to have a stress free schedule and mind as well. However, it is not easy enough. That’s why we recommend performing a special mudra that is named as Kubera mudra. Do you know what is kubera mudra and what the Kubera mudra’s benefits are? Let’s gather all the details with us and understand the importance of this amazing yoga technique.

What Is Kubera Mudra

Kuber mudra is a yoga hand gesture which allows one to focus on wealth and prosperity. The word “Kubera” is driven from the Hindu god “Kubera” and mudra which means “imprint”. This mudra can be performed with open or closed eyes and it can begin in a seated position like Ardha padmasana. The position must be performed while taking proper postures and gestures. The mudra can easily be performed while you are sitting comfortably at chair, bed or yoga asana.

Kubera Mudra Steps

The person performing the Kubera mudra must be very careful while performing the steps in order to seek the proper benefits of this mudra. The following steps include:

  • Sit comfortably on a chair with a meditation posture with feet straight on the floor.
  • Bring your thumb close to the index and middle finger.
  • Fold the rest of the two fingers of hand into the palm.
  • Keep in mind that it is not required to do any kind of wrong gestures which cannot give benefits in any such way.
  • Also, in this position set yourself in an intention where you can feel all the positivity around you.
  • Maintain your focus on hands and breathe deeply throughout the pose.
  • When you are finished, release the hands and give thanks for your blessings in your life.

Kubera Mudra Benefits

The practice of doing Kubera mudra increases your confidence and serenity. You can do this mudra for a longer time as well. This mudra helps you to get the blessings of the god Kubera who grants his devotees good strength, good wisdom, financial strength and prosperity to your lifestyle. While performing this mudra your mind should be very clear and clean from all unnecessary thoughts. You should be very visualized with your desires and goals that you wished to. Most of the people perform Kubera mudra for wealth benefits because of its miracles and historic stories as well.

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Kubera Mudra Miracle

There are many people who usually share their experiences regarding the Kubera mudra miracle. Yes, People performing Kubera mudra has come up with various miracles in their life. For example, if you have some mental stress which is usually called as depression. In that scenario you can practice this mudra for few months, then you can slowly and gradually say goodbye to depression.

Kubera mudra is purely known for increasing money, wealth, prosperity and manifestation in your ongoing life. The importance of these mudras is part of our Indian culture. In our daily life, we tend to do some yoga practices but we ignore them over time. This mudra is also known as “the techniques of three fingers”. There are many people who usually perform Kubera mudra for money because they believe that through this mudra they make God Kuber happy and it brings prosperity. That is why many people consider Kubera mudra for prosperity.

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Limitations of Performing Kubera Mudra

If we talk about the limitations of performing “Kubera Mudra”, then it has no provision of time and frequency attached to this mudra. It does not matter that at what point of time you are doing the mudra. It can begin in the morning or in the evening while you are free from your daily activities. Also, it can be performed as many times as you can.

Kubera Mudra for Manifestation

This mudra is usually used to bring your “dreams into reality”. It is good to perform this mudra in the morning in order to set your day properly and peacefully. You can also use this when starting any of your new projects, call or any of the task which means a lot to you. The mudra helps one to deal with all the fears and focus on what one truly wants. While performing the mudra, you should be very concentrated and focused. Kubera mudra can also be performed when someone feels worried or depressed.


Practicing mudras engages both the body and the mind, creating a very focused and powerful healing practice. It’s good to have Kubera mudra daily whenever you get time to do the same. Practice the mudra daily on a weekly basis then, fortunately, you can feel the changes in your thoughts, life and other stages you feel depressed on.


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