How to Improve Your Relationship When Your Partner Being too Emotional

Getting into a romantic relationship can bring you happiness and a deep source of fulfillment. It improves your mood, makes you smile and you will most certainly experience greater joy in your daily life.

But, a relationship is only stable and healthy as the people in it. One of the things that are unstable to the relationship is being too emotional with your partner. Usually, highly emotional people have an unstable feeling and its one of the reason why do men pull away.

Because if that person emotionally not stable, eventually it will affect the relationship. So today article we will talk about how to improve your relationship when your partner being too emotional. We will discuss more on the signs, what you need to do and how to deal with them.

Sometimes you may not aware that you’re dating a highly sensitive person. You got one or two hints about your partner being too sensitive. But it’s not very clear.

Let me explain…

A highly sensitive person is often a creative person, overthinking, and difficult to predict (in term of how they feel, behave and react). I’m not trying to say that they’re bad. Instead, they have their own great qualities. It just you who needs to know a little bit about them before deciding to go further with your relationship.

What are the Signs of a Highly Emotional Partner?

When you’ve been together with your partner for a quite some times, you’ll get to know what they like, dislike and how they react to certain situations. But if your partner is too sensitive or too emotional, it’s hard to understand them. Maybe, their action is way beyond your imaginations.

So here are some signs that your partner is being too emotional:

There Will be a Lot of Drama

You will make them cry a lot…

Most of the time, you just didn’t know why is she/he crying. They may cry because of the simplest things. As an example: you’re not smiling when you talk to her, you’re not aware of her new hairstyle, you didn’t appreciate her love text messages and etc.

They take Your Words too Seriously

Be careful with your words. It’s good that they pay attention to things that you said, but the real problem is they tend to analyze your every word. So if you’re not careful with your words, they may be misunderstood your point.

As an example, if you mentioned that you like some actress or singer and suddenly she starts to think that you love a woman with a hot body. She thinks she is nowhere near to that women and become depressed.

They Keep Overthinking

Little things really matter to them. They have a tendency to overanalyze almost everything. Keep thinking the same things over and over again. Tend to assume things based on what they believe internally, sometimes it is beyond your logic.

Usually, they love to express their feeling through letters or long text messages.

You Think You Know them, But You’re NOT

Did your partner suddenly become a different person? Especially when they’re mad or been triggered about something. Your innocent joke sometimes can make them bursts out in anger or tears. Never underestimates your partner’s reactions.

She can’t Stop Contacting You

She might text you every five minutes. It is actually quite good to have someone to think about you. But it doesn’t mean that she can disturb your life and your works. Your phone will keep vibrating while you’re doing your jobs.

They will always keep asking you these:

“Where are you going?”

“Who’s your friend?”

“You’re going out with whom?”

All of these questions are normal. But its depend on how you use it.

How to Deal with a Highly Emotional Partner?

Is your partner being too emotional, you must learn how to deal with it. Don’t expect everyone has the same feeling. She might have her own view on certain things and it’s okay to do that. As a partner, you need to learn to understand her feeling and perspective. Try to put yourself into her shoes and see the world from her eyes.

Good listening skill is good to start. Let her know that you’re open to getting to know more about herself and be a good partner.

Give her a Little more Times to Adjust and Changes

Is your partner being too emotional in everything, the first things you should do is try to have a discussion with her. Let her know about your opinion and her reaction is not so comfortable for you. And be open with her opinion as well.

They might be looking forward to changing to a better person but need more times to do so. Don’t push your partner too hard as they need to take care of their own feeling and stress level. By providing her space and good advice will help them to adjust and changes.

Leave her Alone

This is quite similar to the point above but more specific to point ‘alone’. If you’re living together, maybe she needs her own rooms without you entering it. Maybe there’s is a lot of things in their mind and they need times to process all the things in order to calm down.

If your partner needs this, don’t push her further away and you yourself don’t pull away from her. You need to respect her needs and do not disrupt their alone time when they really need it.

Let them Express their Feeling without Judging them

Don’t let them suppress their emotions. If they’re feeling angry, let them feel angry. Allow them to explore their emotions and experience them fully is far way better than suppressing it. They will feel less stress and understand their emotions.

After they’ve expressed their feeling and calm down, try to talk with them. Ask them a few questions like:

“What has exactly triggered her reaction?”

“Why she act that way?”

“Are feel disrespect because of my action?”

“Are you feel jealous about something”

Ask anything that you feel related to her reaction. Maybe her actions are because of past experiences. Having a calm and productive conversation will help you to understand your partner. Don’t ever attack or blaming your partner in this kind of situation.

Most People Don’t Understand Them, Don’t be that Person

A highly emotional people process things deeply. They might take your jokes seriously and think about it all over the weekend. That is why they’re easily misunderstood. And they are quite aware that most people don’t understand them.

So, you as a partner need to treat them differently. Don’t simply tell them that there is something wrong with them. Instead, take a different approach, like trying to understand their feeling. Learn how to view things from their perspective.

Help your partner to feel safe when they speak their mind. Good listening skill plays a vital part here. If you can create a safe space for honest and no yelling discussion, you can work together to solve the problem with your partner.

Remember, nobody is perfect. So if you can accept them for their whole being, they will love you more deeply than you have ever been loved before. Good luck!

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