How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Do you want to keep your partner happy all the time? I don’t understand why people don’t show affection if they have. Generally, a couple takes their relationship seriously no doubt but they are afraid to show a little feeling towards each other.

What happens if you show the extra care towards your partner! No happiness is greater than when he/she shows the care when you are with others. Ask this question to any couple? You will get your answer. Some boys make excuse to not seeing her because of that fake tag that you are not getting die for her but actually, you are. Of course, she is not happy with this behavior because you are not making any progress to keep a relationship.

People are not always demanding the high they starving for love and care. Love is all about care and understanding. Understanding makes people more comfortable with each other. What she expects from you, loyalty and care. What if she starts lying to you? Girls love the boy who is confident in who you are. Being calm and collected is the first thing to impress your girl.

Your partner is always starving for romance so being romantic with her is not like giving her expensive gift. If you ask for a moving date then she replied yes without question you because she knows through this she can spend time with you. I know your love is not dependent on this little bullshit but these things are necessary to keep your relationship healthy and excited.

So let discuss some ideas which will help you to keep your partner happy.

Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

  1. Compliments on her look not only look but also appreciate her talents abilities and work.
  2. Tell her statements like “I LOVE YOU” and THE BEST THING EVER HAPPEN TO ME to make her feel special and good.
  3. Hold her hand, give hug and kiss her forehead these gestures will remind her that she is protected and loved.
  4. Make her more important while talking with some other female friends.
  5. Gently touch her regularly and on the drive of the moment.
  6. Don’t talk in text always otherwise it will look like that you’re not willing to put extra efforts to keep relationship excited. Be a man, call her and remind her how her voice keeps you calm.
  7. Plan surprise romantic dates to have some good time with your mate. This will really make her day amazing.
  8. Try to understand and her situation reacts according to that.
  9. Show affection.
  10. Share your thoughts, events, and problem with your partner.
  11. Put her first, before yourself.
  12. Remember the things she likes/dislikes.
  13. Try to do some unexpected things for her.
  14. Remember your memorable day/date.
  15. Give you one day to her and cook for her.
  16. Be romantic.
  17. Don’t blame her if you are not managing your work properly.
  18. Try to understand her thoughts on what she actually expect from you.
  19. Listen to her first.
  20. Put her opinion in the prior list.
  21. Try to cover the difference between men and women.


Amit Sharma is a Yoga Teacher with a Master's degree in Yoga Therapy from the S-VYASA University. With seven years of teaching experience, Amit is dedicated to helping individuals achieve physical and mental well-being through the practice of yoga.

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