15 Myths Revolving Around Skin Tightening Busted!

One fine day your face is likely to become mottled and rough with deep layers of wrinkles, fine lines, squinting along with a saggy jawline and loose skin developing around your arms, abdomen and likewise. You might want to remove those aging signs with lotions and cosmetics claiming to show the best results. But at some point in time, it fails and you need to find another solution to it.

Technology has gone a long way with laser-equipped treatments that are proven to give good results. It repairs saggy skin by the use of visible and infrared radiation and other such radiations that have evolved with advancing technology. These methods save money and have remarkable results.

What is the Reason behind Skin Sagging?

In the early stages of life, our body is capable of producing collagen, a protein found in skin and connecting tissues. As you age, your body is not efficient to produce collagen that leads to loose saggy skin. All skin tightening laser treatments work on stimulating the collagen using infrared radiations that tightens the skin.

4 Myths around Skin Sagging

1. Skin Sagging can be Caused Due to Running

The main reason behind sagging is the loss of collagen and facial fat that reduces with age. Running or jogging has nothing to do with collagen.

Disclaimer: Make sure to apply sunscreen to prevent UV rays from damaging the skin.

2. Facial Exercise can Prevent Sagging

There has been no study research stating facial exercise or face yoga can prevent sagging. While plastic surgeons have stated that exercise can increase wrinkles and form crow’s feet.

3. Tummy Sleepers are Prone to Saggy Skin

There are fewer chances of getting saggy skin but if you continue to sleep on your stomach you might get sleep wrinkles that are formed at the chin, cheek, and forehead.

“According to a study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2016, compression, tension and shear forces can cause sleep wrinkles when people sleep on the sides or stomach.”

4. Weight Loss cannot Cause Skin Sagging

Your skin gets stretched due to fat formation but when you lose weight your skin may not bounce back as it was earlier. It happens as your skin becomes less elastic with age.

6 Myths Around Skin Tightening

1. Lasers can treat all types of wrinkles and skin sags

If you are in the initial stage of experiencing wrinkles and skin sagging, then it is the perfect time to go for skin tightening treatments. Such type of treatments boosts collagen present in our skin that helps in skin tightening.

2. Lasers are not safe and efficient

It uses light which is not harmful to your skin. Laser treatments just reach 1-4mm deep into your skin’s surface, that means it cannot even reach till the deeper hair roots. Lasers only target the desired area without damaging other areas. This makes it safe and effective.

3. Lasers result in thinning of the skin

It is the opposite of this. Heating caused by laser treatment produces collagen that replaces the damaged tissue and thickens the skin. It rejuvenates the skin making it look younger.

4. Terminating laser treatment can worsen the skin’s condition

Laser treatment rejuvenates the skin by improvising the internal healing process. Since the aging process will continue, long-term laser treatment can help in initiating better skin condition. If you don’t want to go for long term treatment, it’s is fine to just stay connected with your dermatologist for such further practices.

5. Makeovers shown on TV commercials are safe

Don’t ever fall for this. TV commercials can be tempting to see but it is can be dangerous to follow them blindly. Body contouring, face lifting lip surgeries can be a new trend with celebs adopting laser treatments for their makeovers. But, the grass might not be greener on the other side.

6. All laser treatments are similar

With advanced technology, there are newer inventions of laser treatment. There are different types of treatments that give better and improved results. To know what suits you best, go with your doctor’s advice.

5 Myths Around Skin Tightening Treatment

1. Skin tightening treatment is applicable to specific areas

This is a mere misconception that most people think. It is applicable at the chin, neck, face, abdomen, thighs, legs, chest, buttocks, arms and much more.

2. Skin tightening results are not immediate

The results can be slow depending on the skin’s renewal process which differs from person to person. You need to maintain and continuously be in the loop with your doctor. It might take time initially but the results are permanent.

3. A protein diet can enhance treatment results

Skin tightening results will be seen with the number of treatments needed by an individual. Balanced food is all you need.

4. Laser treatments don’t suit all skin tones

The fact is that modern laser skin tightening treatments work well on all skin types and tones. People with highly sensitive skin, oily skin need to consult your skin specialist before opting for such treatments.

5. Laser treatments can be painful

Laser treatment pains are bearable as it just gives a tingling feeling. You can imagine yourself having a hot spa! You may face red, swelling face which can be hidden behind your makeup.

Say ‘No’ to Loose Sagging Skin with these Skincare Products

One of the reasons for sagging skin is due to the harmful ultraviolet rays which increase chances of early signs of early aging. Don’t compromise on your sunscreen. Apply it every day even during a cloudy day. Whenever you step out of your house, put a generous amount of sunscreen.

Switch to products filled with antioxidants, peptides and other skin restoring ingredients. This might help to hydrate and add nourishment to the skin.

Products comprising of salicylic and glycolic acid can help in improving your skin’s resiliency and make wrinkles less noticeable. Such anti-aging and anti-sagging products can help in making your skin look healthy and young.

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