What You Need to Know About Gardening and Your Health

Gardening can have a number of both positive and negative effects on your health that gardening fanatics need to be aware of when they are tending to their outdoor spaces. So, here is everything that you need to know about gardening and its impact on your health in both the short and the long term.

Keeps You Fit

One of the main advantages of tending to your garden as much as you can during both the winter and summer months is that it can keep you fit. Gardening and performing outdoor chores can help you to burn around 435 calories in a single session, meaning that you can neglect that gym membership as much as you want to. This can then help you to stay active as you age and to lose weight if you are struggling with your size without having to go for early morning runs or play a team sport – these being activities that many people do not enjoy much.

Increases Risk of Skin Cancer

However, if you garden a lot, you may find that you are at an increased risk of skin cancer. Although you might not have thought about it before, the more you are exposed to the sun’s rays and UV light, the more you are at risk of getting sunburned and of your cells mutating in a cancerous manner in the future. So, you should make sure that you wear sun cream when you are outside. You should be aware of the effect of the sun in both summer and winter, and this is especially the case if you have sensitive skin or are using creams for skin conditions like acne.

Ages Skin

Gardening can also have a large impact on the appearance of your skin, as being exposed to the elements for long periods can cause it to dry out and become more inflexible. If you spend a lot of time in the garden, you may find that you develop wrinkles on your skin and that it begins to feel dry and dull. In some extreme cases, your lips may start to chap and bleed. So, you can rejuvenate your skin and keep it feeling soft and healthy by going for a hydrafacial Bromley, as this can remove old layers of skin from your face and protect it from harm by allowing it to soak up antioxidants.

Boost Your Mood

Gardening is an excellent hobby, though, as it can boost your mood and stave off mental health issues like depression. Spending time outside can lift your spirits and cause more endorphins to be produced in your body while relieving stress and tension from your mind.

So, if you are starting to feel the pressures of daily life and these are getting too much for you, you can quickly give your mood a boost by heading outside and tending to your plants and flowers, gaining a sense of achievement as you help them grow.