Great Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do on Facebook

Document Your Facebook Relationship

If you’ve stated yourself as “in a relationship” with someone in your facebook profile, then you will be able to visit to view the friendship page you share with that person.

Facebook will merge photos, posts, and events that you and another person have shared.

Publish a Blog-like Post with a Large Header Image

Publish a Blog-like Post with a Large Header Image

Over the time Facebook has developed as only social network where you keep an eye on friends to the primary source where around 44% of people in the western hemisphere gets their information. Along with the time Facebook made a move to a publishing platform, it updated a few of the old tools also.

Now you can utilize Notes feature on Facebook, if you’d like to publish and promote your writings in blog format with large header images, as within Kinja, Medium, and other posting platforms.

Can Mute Your Ex on Facebook

Mute Your Ex on Facebook

In these modern days, there is saying about relationships, that “if you do not list it on your facebook profile then it is not official”. If you are one of them who posts relationship status on facebook, then now Facebook also offers a tool to help you recover better after your breakup. If you change your relationship status back again to single after having a breakup, the Facebook application will give options to keep your upcoming posts away from your ex, also a choice to see less of them in your news feed.

Save Posts, Articles & Videos Posted By Others

Save Posts, Articles & Videos Posted

Facebook introduced ‘Save on facebook’ feature in 2014. It can save items that you see on Facebook to check out later when you got free time. It can save you stuff like places, links, music, movies, and TV. Only you can view the things you save unless you choose to share them with your friends.

Your saved items list is sorted out by category and you could swipe directly on each item to share it with friends or move it into your archive list. Also, sometimes Facebook will highlight you reminders of your saved things in your Newsfeed.

Decide Who Will Handle Your Facebook Account After You Die

Decide Who Will Handle Your Facebook Account After You Die

Today Facebook is an only platform where you share and stay connected with your family and friends. But Facebook is also becoming a place to remember and honor those who left us forever. A person can take measures to ensure that when they pass away, it can be kept up as a memorial of their life and experiences.

Legacy Contact is a feature in the facebook where people can choose a family member or a friend who will manage their account when they pass away, letting them manage it as a memorial.


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