8 Way to Challenge Yourself for Better Self Growth

Every morning is an opportunity to try something different to identify your ability in unknown areas. You should more often challenge yourself to face new things. It will help you to test your capabilities also to change your perspective towards life.

Most of us don’t succeed in life because we are too scared to break our routine and see beyond our limit. The changes don’t have to be massive, because sometimes some really minor changes gradually lead to achieve life goals.

Challenges You Should Try to Experience the Good Life

Challenge to Stop Lying to Yourself

You will be surprise to know the person telling you the maximum lies is the one looking at you in the mirror. Why do we lie to ourselves? Because It’s easy and, convenient. It is easy to run from responsibility of your actions. You avoid your passion and afraid to chase your dreams, no matter what it is. This is you lying to yourself about real you. The easiest way to check whether you are dishonest about yourself is Just start questioning inner you but without conclusion or evaluation which can tell your real inspirations. So treat yourself with honesty.

Challenge to Spend a Whole Tech-free Day

Today when technology becomes essential part of your personal and professional life, living without it might seem unbearable. Have you ever imagined how a week minus it looks like? Challenge yourself to go the entire week without our cell phone, tabs, laptops and if possible TVs. Trust me, you will survive at the end. Try it at home or consider taking a tech-free holidays. It will help you to clear your mind. You will start to noticing what is really important in your life. You will be surprised how much social media causes you to miss out on physical and mental health like missing healthy eating habits. You should
know life is not as dull as it would seem to be without phones, TV’s, and the internet.

Challenge to Say No

There are situations you find yourself in thinking saying big “No” to someone and but end up telling “yes”. We should deny things which we don’t have interest to do rather than accepting, though the reverse is generally true. If you are not able to say no then you can feel exhausted, stressed and irritated. It can reduce your efforts to improve your quality of life. The skill to say no is thoroughly related to self-confidence. Telling no doesn’t mean that you are impolite, egotistical or hostile. These are all conflicting beliefs that make it tough to say no. So challenge yourself to say “NO” when the situation really required.

Challenge your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is a stage of your mind which stops you from trying to grab new opportunities. There are plenty things out which you want to do and know they are worth doing. But you are so scared of doing it because of the possible failure. Life is full of natural and impromptu changes. You can’t repel them. Your daily routines or habits are part of your comfort zone. Challenge your predictable routine. It is true, coming out of your comfort area is not that easy. But you can challenge your curiosity about what other things is there that you haven’t learned yet. Change your opinion on things belongs to you.

Just remember you will always find growth and knowledge beyond your comfort area.

Challenge to Stay Self-Motivated

There is no more effective way for self-motivation than the right attitude. No matter what difficulties you’re facing, you’ll undoubtedly need a great deal of inspiration. So never fail to give your motivation a lift! Stay with optimistic people. People who have encouraging mindset and attitude are best motivators. You can train your mind by reading success stories. Turn to motivational speakers for advice that can help you on your path to achievements. Having control on what we are doing makes us more driven to actually do it. Think about motivation as a mindset; your life goals or things you are responsible for doesn’t change, but the way you see it and think about it surely does.

Challenge Your Need for Control

Even though you don’t want to admit, we all have it to one level or another: The need for control.

Observe your behavior in every situation and from a different viewpoint. You will find that even our daily routine activities include sense of control which are unintentional. Sometimes this extreme urge of control can create problems in your relationships and happiness in a big way. You will start stressing about stuffs which you can’t even control. So just let go if you are cravings to control things.

You can use this secret mantra, just try to tell your mind that I am ineffective over other people. You and people around you will be happier if try to make these changes in yourself.

Challenge to Love Yourself

Loving yourself indicates how much your life values are important for you. It is the point where you start being able to truthfully and generously love and show affection to yourself and others. If you start loving yourself, your opinion towards other will change drastically. Research proposes that self-acceptance could give you better gratification with your life. No one has a more understanding of your own thoughts than you do. When we feel low in life, a tiny self-love can help keep you back on the track.

RuPaul, a famous persona, has said, “If you can’t love yourself, then how in the hell can you love someone else,”. It will help you to leads to improve relations with others.
So do a favor for you, take a deep breath, cuddle yourself and start loving yourself.

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