15 Easy and Natural Ways to Get Even Skin Tone

Due to our busy schedule, we almost forgot about our skin. It is quite easier for us to hide our uneven skin tone with concealer and foundation but we know the reality.

You might be wondering what causes uneven skin tone, it’s because of Melanin. Melanin is a natural pigmentation of the skin which is responsible for skin, hair and eye colors. If you have too much melanin then it will create certain spots in the darker area.

If you want to get back your flawless skin, using costly skin cleanser and toner is not the solution. You should try some natural remedies.

List of Home Remedies for Even Skin Tone

On our own experience, we have mentioned a few ingredients that will help you to even your skin tone.

Green Tea

Green Tea

As we know that green tea has a never-ending benefit for our health. Green tea not only provides a healthy body but also helps in getting even skin tone. According to research, active ingredients in green tea have great potential for fighting skin disorder. All you have to do is applying cooled tea bags on the darker skin for 15-20 minutes. This will give you some of the best results in just a few days.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is acidic in nature and applying this directly can help you to brighten your skin tone. The best part is, you can apply this directly on your skin for 5 minutes. Make sure that you don’t keep this for more than 5 minutes because it might cause you irritation.


Papaya is another ingredient that will help you to get even skin tone. You just need to take some raw papayas and rub it in the circular motion on your face. Leave it for few minutes and wash your face. If you want then you can add lemon juice for better results. Do this on regular basis and get rid of uneven skin tone


Most of us have uneven skin tone due to pollution and sunburn. Sandalwood is a great ingredient to get rid of uneven skin tone. If you want to get back your flawless skin then you should apply sandalwood paste. Sandalwood is reliable, natural and effective for any skin tone. Apply this on daily basis for great results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera mixture is a great for uneven skin tone. Aloe Vera has natural ingredients which is great for your skin. It will not only help you to get rid of uneven skin but also helps you to back your glowing skin. You need to apply Aloe Vera gel for 10 minutes before rinsing your face. There are lots of other benefits of Aloe Vera for your skin.


Turmeric Powder
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Turmeric is also great ingredient for uneven skin tone. According to research turmeric have powerful antioxidant which provides stunning results for uneven skin tone. You can make your own mask by adding lemon juice or almond oil. After applying it to your skin, now leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing off.


Yogurt is the best remedy and it will do wonders on uneven skin tone. You can use this directly or you can also make your very own face pack. Take plain yogurt, turmeric powder, and lemon juice. This will not only help you to get rid of uneven skin but also prevent your skin from tanning.

Nigella Sativa

Nigella Sativa or black seed oil works great if you have any skin infection and also help you to maintain your skin tone. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which will make your skin soften and brighten.

Daily Skin Care Routine at Home

Below we have mentioned some daily habits to get healthy and attractive skin.

Maintaining your Skin Tone

It is quite important to maintain your skin tone because it makes you look unattractive which will lower your confidence to a different level. So here are a few methods where you can maintain your skin tone.

Use Sunscreen

If your skin is getting exposed directly to the sun then this is one of the main reasons for uneven skin. If you are applying a sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF 30, then this will help you to maintain your skin tone. This is also one of the easiest methods where you can prevent new spots.


The dead skin cell is also one reason of having uneven skin tone. Exfoliate is the best method for removing dead cells from the skin pores and make your skin pores look more natural. Some of the natural exfoliate are sugar, oatmeal, gram flour etc.

Stay Hydrated

Drink Water
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The best way to maintain your skin tone is by drinking lots of water. If you are drinking plenty amount of water, then all skin cells in your body will get a sufficient amount of water. If you are not drinking the right amount of water, then it will show the effect on your skin.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a way where you can get rid of from the uneven skin tone. Due to the deficiency of minerals and vitamins, you get an uneven skin tone. If you want to maintain your skin tone, then take vitamin E and apply almond oil or olive oil on your uneven skin tone. Use it on regular basis and notice the possible changes.

Exercise Regularly

If you are doing regular exercise then it will ensure that your hormones are balanced. In many cases, hormonal imbalance is the main cause for having uneven skin tone.  There are also many other reasons for uneven skin tone but regular exercise can help you in many different ways. If you are having regular exercises then it will reflect on your skin.

No Smoking or Alcohol

Avoiding smoking and drinking is the best method for maintaining your skin tone. As you know cigarettes contain nicotine which will absorb all the minerals and vitamins from your cells. As we have mentioned earlier, deficiency of minerals and vitamins will cause uneven skin tone. You need to leave them if you want to maintain your skin tone.


Amit Sharma is a Yoga Teacher with a Master's degree in Yoga Therapy from the S-VYASA University. With seven years of teaching experience, Amit is dedicated to helping individuals achieve physical and mental well-being through the practice of yoga.

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