5 Myths about Steroids You Need to Stop Believing Now

Steroids come with a fair share of pros and cons. While some argue on their behalf, others say, the side effects are far too dangerous to meddle with. Constant debating and misinformation have built a wall of myths around them.

But they are a very broad category in themselves. Let us have a look at one steroid in particular.

Anabolic Steroids

Anabolics are a class of steroids that closely resembles testosterone. Also referred to as, anabolic androgens, these are often used by athletes and bodybuilders to enhance performance, endurance and strength. Anabolic steroids can be consumed in many ways. Orally ingested or let into the bloodstream via injections, nasal sprays, and skin patches.

Do they Carry a Risk?

Any steroid, when abused can deliver an array of adverse effects. These may include heart diseases, reduction in breast size of women, skin ailments, hair loss and many more. But do they really qualify as a diabolic drug? How much of it is true?

Here are 5 myths about steroids busted, that you need to stop believing now:

Women Turn into Godzilla

Intake of steroids among women athletes and weight lifters is not an uncommon thing. Although the stigma around steroids doesn’t allow them to open up about it. With more and more women getting into heavy weight lifting and the dependency on steroids has increased.

Women turn into Godzilla

However, one very ridiculous urban legend creates a totally different image in our mind, when we think of women and steroids, together – A female Godzilla. Not entirely true. It depends on the choice of steroid. Though we can’t deny that certain side effects such as clitoris enlargement and unwanted hair growth are pretty common among female consumers, generalization is unfair.

Men Turn into a Raging HULK

Steroids might amplify an individual’s existing characteristics, but they surely DO NOT turn you into rageaholic hulk. Stimulators over the decades have earned the bad reputation of being aggression triggers. Let’s have a look at medical facts.

Men turn into a raging HULK

Increased level of estrogen might trigger aggressive behaviour, whereas testosterone gives you that feel-good factor. It might as well make one feel positive and motivated. Too much faith in myths and jargons has totally skewed the truth. Mis-use of any anabolic androgen will show certain behavioral changes but we cannot completely blame it on the steroid. Why not point at substance abuse for a change?

Steroids Decrease Endurance

No. Steroids can actually increase endurance by multiplying the red blood cell count. These cells are responsible for the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. They make sure it reaches every cell and tissue in the body. Result? Better muscle mass and increased endurance.

Steroids Decrease Endurance

Just so you know, blood doping is fairly common among endurance athletes, though illegal. These are often confused with performance-enhancing drugs. However, all PEDs (Performance-enhancing substances) don’t fall under the category of steroids.

Reduction in the Size of the Penis?

Two topics that top the list of ‘not to be discussed in public’- Steroids and the size of the penis. Every male steroid user at some point in life has spent sleepless nights pondering over ‘does it really reduce the size?’ The answer is, no.

It might not affect the size of the penis, but the testicles might have to face the brunt. This is usually seen among users of anabolic steroids. However one cannot completely deny that steroid might have sexual side effects. Erectile dysfunction is a common adverse effect.

Steroids Cause Depression

Let us give some credit to the media as well. Steroid-induced depression stories have flooded the internet and we are nudged to believe what we want to believe. If only we dug a little deeper into facts the answer is crystal clear.

The problem lies in presentation and perception. The way these anecdotes are presented before us deeply affects our perception of the matter. The already existing stigma around steroids doesn’t help either. We are fast to judge. Higher testosterone level helps maintain a positive mood and manage stress. Not to mention many of the individuals with steroid-induced depression have been found to carry a prior history of mental imbalance.

So What Pushes these Young Athletes to Rely on PEDs and Steroids? Any Benefits?

Consumption of PEDs and certain steroids help athletes perform better, no doubt. They provide an edge and push the person to perform at his or her optimum capacity. Today’s gaming scenario has completely changed with the focus only on winning. Fair play? Come again? The competitive drive can get pretty intense and nudge a person to do whatever it takes to win.

Another undeniable reason is the stimuli it provides. Anabolics such as rad 140 Canada and others help athletes and weight lifters maintain a certain level of aggression ( not the kind we talked about earlier a.k.a Hulk ), assertion and mental as well as physical alertness. This constant need to act with human intelligence and animal diligence requires something more than just morning coffee.

As doctors would say, every harmful drug is once a medicine till the time you start abusing it. If you scratch beneath the surface, substance abuse is the real problem, not the drug in itself. The right knowledge and intention can bring a world of change in this regard. And only then, we can decide whether steroids are a boon or a ban?

Author: Jessica Smith
Jessica is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, She Believes that a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.

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