10 Myths About Happiness That You Need to Stop Believing

“A man is Happy as long as Choose to be Happy.”

-Alexander Solzhenitsyn


The researchers cataloged a series of myths about the nature and cause of happiness. They include the following myths, in which many people believe despite being false.

  1. Happiness depends primarily on the quality and quantity of events in your life.
  2. Today, people are less happy than they were before.
  3. People with some serious physical disabilities are always less happy.
  4. The young people in the prime of life are much happier than older people.
  5. People who feel much happiness also feel much unhappiness.
  6. The intelligent people are happier than less intelligent.
  7. Couples with children are much happier.
  8. Make a lot of money eventually leads people to be happier.
  9. Men, in general, are happier than women.
  10. It may seems like a big contradiction, but pursue happiness is a guaranteed recipe for being unhappy.

Happiness Make A Difference

Yes, It is. Happy people have a good immune system, so they are healthier and live longer than unhappy people. They tend to be more successful at work and have better personal relationships. And they are considered more attractive by others. They seem to like themselves more than unhappy people and cope better with any kind of mishap. Happy people make better decisions and tend to be more creative. Unhappy people seem to waste time and energy looking for signs of danger or possibility of failure. This drains their energy.

Learn To Be Happy

People can take many simple steps to increase happiness. The first one is not to be confused with success & happiness. The second step is to take control of their lives. It has been found that if you act like you’re happy (smile, expressing optimism, be sociable), their behaviour causes different reactions in people and you end up getting happier. Can greatly help to find a job and laser activities to mobilise their skills and passions. Working out regularly, sleep and eat well also help to maintain a good mood. Investing time and attention in relationships is an important aspect of happiness.

Support and help others and be grateful for life increases happiness, as well as having a mission and a kind of hope that leads to faith.

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