5 Tips to Help Maintain a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

A clean bathroom can make a huge difference to your living conditions and impress your guests too. Like any other room in the home, maintaining a clean bathroom takes time and energy. There are several things that can make this much easier to achieve, and we’ll look at some top tips for maintaining a sparkling clean bathroom.

Clean After Use

This might seem like a lot of effort, but it will be much easier to maintain a clean bathroom if you make it a habit. Cleaning after every use of the shower or bath will help to prevent dirt, mould, and other marks from appearing. Using a toilet cleaner after every use can help to keep the toilet
sparkling clean and fresh too. It’s tempting to leave it until later in the day or the end of the week, but the sooner the better when it comes to keeping a clean bathroom.

Choose an Easy-to-Clean Bathroom

When choosing a new bathroom, look for those which are specifically designed to be easier to clean. Some showers have ‘easy clean’ glass, for example, making it simpler to keep your bathroom looking clean. Avoid bathroom designs with lots of corners or areas which are easy for damp and mould to grow. Visiting a showroom can also help you to get some inspiration and choose the best design for your home. Check out the options at a bathroom showroom St Albans to see what’s available.


Using a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, it’s quick and easy to unblock most small blockages in your bathroom. In some circumstances, you may need to use a plunger or acquire a stronger agent which can be left overnight to melt away grease and grime. Keeping the plugholes free from blockages not only means your bathroom will last longer, but it helps to keep it clean too.

Don’t Leave It Too Long Before a Deep Clean

Some rooms in the home require less cleaning, but unfortunately, the bathroom isn’t in that category. This means it’s important to deep clean the bathroom on a regular basis, in addition to daily cleaning after use. To keep your bathroom in top condition, deep clean once a week. This should include thorough cleaning of all surfaces in the bathroom, including floors, mirrors, and tiles.

Replace Smaller Accessories

Shower racks, towel rails, and showerheads are all examples of accessories that can be replaced without substantial disruption to the bathroom. By replacing these items when they start to become worn or damaged, you can keep your bathroom looking brand new and sparkling clean all the time. Consider buying rust-proof accessories to help prolong the life of your bathroom items and help them look in even better condition.

With regular time and effort, you can keep your bathroom sparkling clean. Replacing items that are worn, cleaning after use, and choosing the right bathroom can all help to keep it in top condition.