How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Make Girlfriend Happy

It is difficult to please girls, we all know that, sometime you think you’ve done everything right, bang! She hits you with the one thing that you forget. We could make a list of thousands of ways to make your girlfriend happy, but most of those are just so the basic human understanding, so here are some important points that you might not have thought of:

Never Try to Change Her

Here is 1st tip for you on how to make your girlfriend happy – never try to change her. You need to understand that girls do not think like you. They like to go for shopping all the day and buy nothing, they like a conversation of 2 hours on phone with her friend and said nothing of any importance and they also like pink, sweet and soft things. Do not try to change her because you would never succeed, instead accept these strange and silly behaviours as a part of that girl you love.

Treat Her with Respect

We know that the big lies are wrong, but what about the small little ones? Even those little lies that you might think are harmless, are a big deal for a girl. Always show her respect by being straight and honest all the time coz girls have an eerie talent to figure out when you lie. Treat her like a princess, open doors for her or pulling out her chair at a restaurant,  give your helping hand to her will really make her feel special. And yes, always be a gentleman with your girlfriend.

Give Her Your Attention

Make a mental note of everything she does, and all that she says, she’ll be asking questions later, and if you forgot something or get one wrong, then you’re in trouble. Here is an example that her best friend’s friend has cheated her boyfriend to run away with her boyfriend’s friend’s best friend can have no meaning for you, but if your girlfriend starts to talk about that tomorrow, you would better have been listening.

Make Her Laugh

Here is next important tip on how to make your girlfriend happy. Humor has a most important place in relationships. Even when you have nothing to talk about with you girlfriend, a few funny lines or signs can make your day feel like such a fun activity.

Show Her Your Love and Affection

A greeting card on Valentine’s Day is not job done for the year, so here is our next tip on how to make your girlfriend happy. Treat your girlfriend right and show her that you love her all year round. It’s not so hard: gifts are here, 3 magical words ‘I love you’ or a gentle kiss every day, just to make sure that you love her and care for her, will help to keep her happy whole year.

Respect Her Opinions

As a human being, respect plays a vital role in how we feel about ourselves. When we feel insulted by someone important to us, we feel disappointed. And this holds the same influence in relationships as well. Never dismiss your girlfriend’s ideas & opinions without listening to her, and do not take her opinion casually just because *she is a girl*. In your relationship, both of you have to learn to listen and understand to each other and respect each other’s opinion and point of view.

Make Her Feel Special

Do not take her love for granted. So here is your next tip on how to make your girlfriend happy. Do not be selfish by accepting her affection and love and giving back nothing to her. The small things that she does for you mean a lot to you, am I right? Well, you do not want her to feel like that she is taken for granted, so try to make her feel like the most beautiful and important girl of this world. Be romantic and bring her flowers and gifts on time to time. Perfumes, chocolates, flowers or treat her to a surprise weekend break. Show her that you are thinking of her, even when you are not with her, then she will know that she is loved and cared for.

Get Along With Her Family

Here is next tip on how to make your girlfriend happy – get along with her family. Friends and family mean a lot to a girl and don’t forget that she listens to their opinions too. It can be difficult for some guys but getting along with her parents is important to keep your girlfriend happy. She really wants her parents’ happiness and consent, so try to give your best and she will appreciate it.

Be Supportive and Understanding

Above all, give her support as they need it. Sometimes you cannot understand why your girlfriend is distressed about something that you see as insignificant & unimportant. But if it is important to her, then it should be important to you. There could be a time when she needs a shoulder to cry on, so be there when she need.

So these were some tips on how to make you girlfriend happy which is not so easy. 🙂 So if you have noticed a few other tips please feel free to share them in the comments below.


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